Biographical information

October 31, 2007


Blood status


Blair's signature2
Physical information




Hair colour

Raven Black ( As dark as midnight )

Eye colour

Pale blue

Has scars across left eye

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Mother- Luartrist ShadowFang ( Deceased )

Father- Lucifer ShadowFang ( Deceased )

Uncle- Tobius ShadowFang ( Deceased )

Magical characteristics

Her father


Black thorn, Dragon heartstring, 12inch







To those who earn it

OOC information
Blair Shadowfang

Blair is a collective yet very hostile and reserved person, although she may be extremely menacing on the outside, she is in fact fairly kind on the inside but do to past experiences she has locked away those attributes to her personality. Blair is not only talented in magics but she was also quick to think, She was great with ideas and brain-storming as well, she picked up on spells rather quickly too. Blair is a complex character and doesn't really have many friends if not, any at all as she sort of shy away from bonds. When Blair was growing up she had lived with her mother and father, her father was abusive and often times would abuse her mother, his temper was a bit out of control. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree it seems as well. At any case, Blair had discovered her ability to use magic when her father turned on her as well, unknowingly in doing so the room had begun to shake the vines from the grape bush at back had thrashed their way into the home and coiled around her father, those vines

those vines turning into snakes which hissed at him and bared their sharp fangs. However, in shock, Blair had caused herself to panic at what she had done and so the magic had stopped, to her father's surprise as well he quickly backed up and slammed the door to his room, before discussing things with her mother, she was going to go to Hogwarts. Her father had thought she wasn't able to produce any magic as she was kind of a late bloomer. A couple weeks had past and well, to say the least Blair had gotten a letter in the mail stating she was now enrolled into Hogwarts. And that's where her journey starts. But not too long after she joined, her mother committed suicide do to her father's constant abuse. Eventually, Blair's uncle had come to take guardianship of Blair after finding out of her father's abusive ways and thus killing him for his sins. Something Blair never knew about as her uncle kept the truth hidden from her. Blair is bound to follow in her Uncles footsteps; a dark witch at some point.      


Physical Appearance



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