Brandi Jean Moore is a half-blood witch. Her father was a muggle born and her mother was a witch. At first they didn't think that Brandi was going to show any signs of magical ability until about five, she was in her ballet class and was mad at her teacher and made her float in the air. Her mother was so happy and on her 11th birthday she got her letter. When she got to Hogwarts she was sorted into Hufflepuff.

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Early Life

When Brandi was born it was a dark stormy night. She was born inside a muggle hospital because her dad being a muggle her mom did not think he'd be allowed inside St. Mungo's. Brandi was born to George and Angela Moore, Angela being the witch was from a pureblood family a very old one indeed. Her family was very much proud to be the grandparents of a half-blood witch. Well they had hope she was a witch. Growing up Brandi was the youngest of three, her older siblings had passed through Hogwarts are now in their professions. One works for Gringotts where the other is a well known quidditch of the best.

Growing up Brandi had lived the wealthy style from both sides, she was enrolled into ballet classes which she loved and her mother realized the moment she was born she was going to be a handful. See Brandi was always tripping or falling into things and hurting herself. The ballet classes they thought would be a good idea for her in hopes that she became more graceful and not be so clumsy but sadly it didn't work she was just as clumsy as before.

Then when Brandi was five years old she was at ballet class and her teacher was giving her a hard time and Brandi made her float in the air by accident. Of course her parents realized this was her magical abilities coming forward. Before that they had thought she was no way going to be a witch, they would've been fine had she not become a witch but they really wanted her to and was even more happy when she did. Brandi's dad is still new to the whole wizarding world, when he meet Brandi's mom he thought she was a normal person no witchary or anything. Then when her older siblings came around and started showing signs of magic Brandi's mom had to tell him. She told him who she was and he was mad sure but soon he got over it and things were back to normal.

It was Brandi's 11th birthday and all her family was there and in swooped an owl that had a letter, not just any letter but her letter to Hogwarts. On the first of September she hugged and waved goodbye to her parents and boarded the express. When she sat on the stool it took awhile for the sorting hat to place her, it thought she'd do okay in Slytherin but ultimately it shouted out HUFFLEPUFF!!!

Family Vacation and Boggart

Growing up before her letter to Hogwarts Brandi and her family would take many vacations. Most notably was to see her older sibling doing some curse work for Gringotts in Egypt. Brandi's older siblings were trying to be funny and decided to play a prank on her and locked her in a tomb with a mummy. Brandi screamed and tried to get out of the tomb and away from the mummy that was simple dead and still. She was rescued from her mother and since that family vacation she's been scared of mummies.


Year 1:

Her first year was somewhat uneventful, she of course kept tripping and falling all over the place. At one point during potions class she set her robes on fire and had to be sent new ones. She realized potions was not for her. It was Herbology that excited her the most and wanted to know more about the class. Also transfiguration excited her and being able to turn things into other things.

Year 2:

Like her first year it went along the same lines as this year. though at the start of this term she had bumped into two girls on the Hogwarts express. One was in her house and the other a Ravenclaw, something about them intrigued her and they became fast friends. She found out they were all half-blooded witches and called themselves the half-blood witch brigade. They had fun, though Brandi being the youngest of the three tried to keep up but it never happened. They still all liked each other and during the Holidays went over to Brandi's house to celebrate and then celebrated in the summer before her third year and their fourth year.

Year 3:

Much has gone the same Brandi was happy to be back at Hogwarts with her two best friends. They had narrowly missed the Hogwarts express but got to the castle still. The classes have been the same but much harder than the previous years. She didn't too well on her exams.

Physical Appearance

Brandi is a little on the short side. She has a nice creamy complexion filled with lots of freckles, she would often play connect the dots with the freckles on her arms. She has beautifully long light brown hair that she constantly puts up in buns, pigtails, and ponytails.

She has the most striking green eyes

She has naturally straight hair but her mother told her about a magical product that could curl it and uses it quite often.

Typically she dresses very conservatively and mostly in high end clothing being from wealthy.

Personality and Traits

Brandi is very outgoing and has a don't-care-what-people-think attitude. She doesn't get embarassed easily mostly from all her tripping and falling. She's EXTREMELY clumsy and usually not someone you want to partner with in class unless you're not afraid to loose an eyebrow or two.

She's very Loyal to her house and her family

She loves her black cat

She loves everyone even people she doesn't know she loves them

Pretty darn good at ballet

Is somewhat of an adventurer, and likes to get in trouble if she doesn't get caught but she's mostly the one keeping her friends in check

  • Nice
  • Outgoing
  • loud
  • Clumsy
  • Not a morning, noon, or night person despite her sunny outlook

Magical Abilities and Skills

Potions: her worse class to date, I would not want to be partners with her.

Herbology: Pretty darn good at it (now if only she can make it to class on time)

Charms: dreadful need I say more

Transfiguration: Loves this class

Divination: This excites her as she learned from her mother that her grandmother was a seer

Hasn't made it to the other classes yet but wants to

Favorite Place

Among many places in the castle you can most likely find Brandi in the library it's one of her favorite spots. The smell of books and it's a great place to people watch.

If not in the library then she can be found running around the qudditch pitch...or the grounds despite her clumsy self.


Her wand for obvious reason, she loves her wand the way it feels in her hand and how powerful it makes her feel.

Her pet: She has a black cat named Luna that she got before her 1st year of Hogwarts

Books: All of her textbooks

Pictures: She has pictures of her friends and her family

She's really not much for possessions


This is coming soon....

Romantic Life

Nothing as of yet and no prospects


Several rumors about her have been heard or seen around the castle

3rd Year Rumors

"Rumor has it that there’s three students a raven and two badgers that call themselves the half-blood princess brigade. They’re always seen together in the library."

"That one brunette Badger keeps falling down and tripping. Maybe someone should perform a permanent Protego on her."

"I saw this brunette Hufflepuff dancing in the tapestry corridor. It’s the same Hufflepuff that I saw fall down at the beginning of career class."

"A slytherin and a badger have been spotted arguing with the portraits down the grand staircase, and are desperate for passwords."

"Spotted: A hufflepuff student trying her flirting technique out on the suits of armor around the castle. Doesn’t she know they’re not humans?"

"Seems the clutsy brunette badger and the blonde ravenclaw seem to be getting more and more closer…could there be something more going on there?"

"Rumour has it, after an abrupt serenade in transfigurations; two eagles will be attending the hearty dance! Though, it seems the eagle swooped in before the badger could ask. What will this dateless badger do?"

"I have a crush on my best friend…and I am getting all the mixed signals. I always wonder if its meant to be. She told me she had feelings…though I feel like we have been distant lately. I was going to ask her to the hearty dance but now she is going with someone else. Time will tell, I guess…" this was in confessions

"Seems that clumsy Hufflepuff was at it again, I saw her take a hard tumble in the History of Magic classroom Wednesday morning."

"Seems a first year Ravenclaw might have a crush on a second year Hufflepuff, I saw her turning red in History of Magic on Wednesday morning." – signed a brunette badger. (submitted this one)

"Rumour has it that COMC Tuesday night got giggly when the clumsy brunette badger got stung by a billywig and couldn’t stop laughing through class."

4th Year Rumors:

Word is that the clumsy brunette badger almost missed the train tripping over another student’s trunk.

Rumour has it that the clumsy brunette Brandi fell and broke her heel in the last DADA class, guess she should’ve stuck with flats.

Did you see? That clumsy brunette badger got her foot stuck in an invisible step, she was limping the rest of the day.