Casey Champion
Biographical information

1 May 2013

Blood status

Half Blood

Marital status


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Hair colour


Eye colour


Family information
Family members

Chillista Champion (mother)

Magical characteristics

Willow, Dragon Heartstring, 7.25 Inch




Friends, House, School

OOC information
Played By

casiharley Resident


Casey Champion (b. 1 May 2013) is a half-blood wizard. He is an only child who lives with his mother, Chillista Champion in Brighton, England. His father is considered killed in action by Gringotts Wizard Bank after going missing during a mission gone awry. Casey is a first year Ravenclaw wizard at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Casey was born in London to loving half-blood wizarding family. His mother, Chillista Champion was a Magizoologist before meeting Casey's father, Nick Firecaster, a Curse Breaker for Gringotts Bank. They got married but Chillista kept her maiden name, being a somewhat independent woman.

When Casey was born, Chillista decided to leave her career in Magizoology to raise her son. Nick was often away on business for the bank, but would always make an effort to keep in touch with his family wherever he could.

One March, when Casey was 4 years old, it was noticed that it had been 2 months before anyone had heard anything from NIck. Chillista was aware that he was sent on a particularly long and complicated mission, but still, the longest time Nick had gone in the past without writing home was a month.

Chillista started making enquiries, each one seeming to lead to more questions than answers. Three months went by without a word. Four months went by too. At the fifth month, Chillista received an owl from Gringotts notifying her that during Nick's last mission, a cave collapsed and the entire team they sent went missing. They regrettably, informed her that they would not be conducting any further searches and that for all intents and purposes, Nick Firecaster was presumed killed in action.. They left a modest compensation package for the loss which Chillista put away for Casey's schooling needs.

After the mourning period was over, Chillista decided to move herself and Casey to Brighton as she had always preferred the weather and the ocean there.

Chillista waited until Casey was about 6 to gently explain the circumstances as to his missing father. Casey took this information hard and withdrew into himself. He had always hoped that one day, his father would retire to spend more time with him. Unfortunately, it would seem, that day would likely never come.

Despite the tragedy that befell the Champions, Chillista was a good mother to Casey, taking on a muggle job as a choreographer to help make ends meet. Because of that, Casey never wanted for anything. His family wasn't rich, but they weren't really poor either.

About a month after Casey's 9th birthday, while having a pretend wand duel with his mom (with wooden spoons and gibberish) a couch in the living room started to levitate. Realising that this was caused by Casey (with a mixed bag of proud mom emotions and awareness of the statute of secrecy), Chillista stopped the game and told Casey that he would have his chance to learn real magic soon.

Apart from the odd mischievous hi-jinks from time to time, Casey is a quiet, good natured kid who has a deep passion for learning.

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