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Charlotte "Charlie" Merle
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Erin Udein


Early Life

Charlotte preferred name "Charlie" was born on February 18th 2008 to her single mother who was 18 at the time of her birth. She was put up for adoption from birth and knows nothing about her family as the adoption was closed. Charlie was adopted by James and John Merle shortly after her birth. 

James and John Merle had been long term partners but weren't married due to a constitutional ban in the states. They were able to adopt Charlie after a lot of failed attempts at adopting other children due to discrimination due to their sexual orientation. Charlie has been blessed with a happy childhood since her adoption, her father's have in some people's opinion "spoiled her rotten". Charlie's father's legally wed each other in New York City in 2011 complete with Charlie as their flower girl. The family moved to London shortly after and have lived there ever since. 

Charlie is the only witch in her family. Her father John works as a psychiatrist and her other father James is a preforming artist. James and John met while they were both in college on a study-abroad trip visiting Paris, France. Prior to receiving her acceptance letter to hogwarts Charlie had a fairly normal upbringing. She attended school, made decent marks, was spoiled rotten by her parents and attended classes for the performing arts. Her father James hoped that in enrolling her in the classes she would develop a passion for the arts which to his advantage turned out to be true. Her fathers were never able to explain the strange situations Charlie would get herself into, strange incidents that could never be explained but were sorted out when the letter came. 

Charlie's early signs of magic included severe temper tantrums that would effect the electricity in the house. Charlie's magic would present itself in situations where she was upset or anxious and often served to get her out of trouble.Charlie's parents James and John were quite surprised when the school representative came to explain the letter indicating her acceptance to the school. At first reaction John made to clinically assess and potentially hospitalize the representative that came to his home, assuming they were having delusions. James however did not take as much convincing, having always known there was something odd about his daughter since the first time she was an toddler and summoned her pacifier from across the room when he had just taken it from her when he was trying to ween her from the item. 

There has been a fair amount of adjustment for the family since the letter first arrived however they continue to live their lives acting as though their daughter Charlotte attends a standard boarding school rather than a prestigious school for magic. Charlie's personality and confidence has flourished since attending Hogwarts she has earned passing marks in her courses showing more promise in the courses she enjoys such as Charms and Potions. Charlie has made friends and hopes if her grades keep up to get a lead role in the school play. 

Time at Hogwarts

Charlie entered hogwarts at the tender age of 11 quickly fell in love with the school, the people and the feeling that the magical abilities she had worked so hard to suppress had a place and purpose. Charlie's short attention span and boisterous nature haven't helped her during her time at school but she has been able to learn and grow as a witch. She eagerly seeks opportunities to bend the rules, addicted to the thrill of sneaking about and finding loop holes. Charlie can be prone to impulsive decisions that can result in lost house points but works most of the time to avoid being caught. 

As she enters her 6th year of Hogwarts Charlie seems to have taken a more serious outlook on life. Her focus has shifted to developing a focus on what she wants to do in the wizarding world after she graduates in case she doesn't rocket into fame as she plans. Haunted also by the questions surrounding her biological parents Charlie has set off on a hunt to find out more about her birth parents, hoping to uncover the possibility of magical lineage.


Charlie's personality is noticeable when she enters a room, she is bright, comedic and confident. She encounters the pitfalls most Gryffindors do of being stubborn and prone to assuming she has all the answers. She has a fiery temper and often makes rash decisions. Charlie is an extrovert and prefers to be the center of attention in her peer group, she has a special love for the dramatic arts and figures if she doesn't earn enough OWL's she will pursue a career in theatre instead. Charlie's boisterous personality often grows louder when she is attempting to cover her insecurities, due to being muggle born she often feels as though she doesn't have a place in either the muggle world or the wizarding world.

Talents, Abilities & Weaknesses

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Charlie is an abysmal student most of the time, she often forgets to complete her homework, gets distracted in class and doesn't sleep at exam time due to trying to cram before each test. She aims to earn passing marks, her best classes are Potions, Music and Charms. Charlie's worst class is Transfiguration. Charlie's passions are in the performing arts, due to the many years of training her father's enrolled her in as a child. She can often be found in the dueling room on saturday mornings practicing ballet, or in the music room plunking out new music. More often she can be heard singing to herself in the hallways, or at exam time when attempting to make songs to assist her in cramming a years worth of magical education into her head.  ((an OOC note, I always envision Charlie's voice sounding like Jasmine Cephas-Jones here's a link to give you an idea of what she sounds like...she's the one wearing the hat :


Karam Ali : best friend and bro or "bra" even.

Nicholas Gray: unofficial adopted little brother greeted frequently as "Nicky-Poo" constant source for amusement.

Ahreum Song: fellow lioness and bestie

Imogen Featherstone: fellow lioness and bestie

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