Cistem Aperio

Cistem Aperio
(SEESS-tem a-PER-ioh)



Hand Movement

Point wand at target


Specifically opens chests or trunks with a bright light.


Cistem Aperio is the incantation of a charm that is used to blast open a trunk, chest, box or crate with a burst of white light

Casting and Effects

Being more specific than other opening spells in that it works only on trunks, chests, boxes or crates, may increase the spell's potency against a warded target of the appropriate kind

Variations of use

  • To open chests


Aperio is Latin for open, uncover, to uncover, lay bare, reveal, or make clear, the source of the English "appear". Cistem is a corruption of cistam, a form of the Latin word for 'chest'.

OOC Dice Information

Cistem Aperio requires a player to be level 6 or higher.

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