Four-Point Spell

Point me



Hand Movement

Hold wand flat in hand




Causes the caster's wand to act as a compass, and point North


This spell was found by Hermione Granger for use by Harry Potter . Whether she created it is unclear.

The Four-Point Spell (Point Me) is a spell that causes the caster's wand to behave as if it were a compass and point North.

Casting and Effects

Hold wand flat in the palm of your hand and say the incantation. The wand will spin and point north.


The Four-Point Spell's incantation, Point Me, is one of the few known incantations to be in modern English, rather than Latin or another ancient language.

OOC  Information

The Four-Point Spell requires a player to be level 1 or higher in order for it to cast successfully. Role players are of course more than welcome to attempt to cast this spell if they are below the required level. In some cases -usually in the event of a resounding success (critical)- the attempt may roll success despite being below its required level.

Use in Role Play

This spell is used to simply learn the direction you are facing. It can not point you to a specific object or destination.


  • Success

MM - HUD v2.2.16: MM Character attempted to cast Four-Point Spell and succeeded!

MM Character held wand flat in their palm and said "point me" their wand then raises up and spins to point towards north.

  • Fail

MM - HUD v2.2.16: MM Character attempted to cast Four-Point Spell and failed.

MM Character held their wand flat in their palm and says "Point me" their wand stays still and does nothing.