Full Body-Bind Curse

Petrificus totalus
(pe-TRI-fi-cus to-TAH-lus)



Hand Movement





The victim's arms and legs snap together, paralyzing them


The Full Body-Bind Curse, also known as the Body Freezing Spell (Petrificus Totalus) is a curse that paralyses the opponent. It is often used by inexperienced or young wizards in duelling.

Casting and Effects

The victim's arms and legs snap together, and he/she will fall down, stiff as a board. However the person's skills to hear, see (however just straight forward), feel, and think still work properly.

The Full Body-Bind Curse is fundamentally different from petrification, which is highly advanced Dark Magic and which cannot be reversed by a simple counter-curse.

Variations of use

  • Dueling or defensively


  • The root of this curse's incantation seems to be the Latin words petra, "rock", and totus, "whole" or "entire".
  • Also, pertrificus seems to come from the word "petrify", meaning to turn into stone, or describes a manner in which someone takes on the characteristics of a stone. Totalus likely comes from "Total", meaning complete or wholly. Following this, the spell likely means, entirely petrify.

OOC Dice Information

The Full Body-Bind Curse requires a player to be level 3 or higher.

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