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A spell that shoots green sparks at the end of the wand, can be used to reveal hidden dark objects that are invisible. Also used in duelling.


The Green Sparks Charm (Verdimillious) is a charm that produces green energy from the wand by means of sparks.

Casting and Effects

The Verdimillious Charm can have several effects depending on its use. If one quickly casts the charm whilst aiming for a specific target, it will cause green sparks and/or green electrical discharge to explode and crackle all around the victim, hurting them slightly.

If one waves his or her wand in a circular motion overhead whilst slowly saying the incantation, aiming for nothing but thin air, an orb of glowing green energy will be thrown from the wand tip, exploding several feet away in a blinding flash of emerald light and illuminating the entire room for a short period of time.

So long as the emerald light from the spell lasts, objects such as platforms or doors that have been hidden by Dark magic will be revealed, so that they are temporarily visible and tangible again, until the spell's effects end.

Variations of use

  • Can be used as a signal like Red sparks
  • Can also be used to find objects hidden by Dark magic


The incantation "verdimillious" most likely derives from the Latin word "viridis", meaning "green" and French "mille", meaning "a thousand"; this most likely reflects the thousands of green sparks produced.

OOC Dice Information

The Green Sparks charm requires a player to be level 2 or higher.

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