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Hannah Jane Fischer
Biographical information

2nd January 1972

Blood status


Marital status


Also known as
  • Fischer
  • Hannah
  • Witch
  • Prefect
  • Obliviator
  • British Representative
  • Headmistress
  • Minister
Physical information






Hair colour

Crimson Red

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • David Fischer (husband)
  • James Fischer (son)
  • Mr Watts (Father)
  • Mrs Watts (Mother)
  • Angeline Watts (Grandmother)
  • Gregory Watts (Grandfather)
Magical characteristics



Teenage Self


Ebony, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches




Minster for Magic



  • Watts family
  • Fischer family
  • Gryffindor
  • International Wizarding Committee for Great Britain
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Oreyn Fox
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"Your reign of terror ends tonight. Hogwarts is ours." - To Judy Dorchester, during the Last Convocation

Minister Hannah Jane Fischer née Watts (b.2 January 1972) is a Half-Blood British witch, who was raised in the East End of London. She was a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry between 1983 and 1989 alongside Seung Hightower, Zimelda Zemeckis and Blanche Ipswich. She was housed in Gryffindor.

After the horrifying departure of the impulsive and evil Headmistress Eponina Hawthorne, the Ministry was in search of a replacement. They entrusted Wizengamot head Judy Dorchester with this task, and before long, Hannah Fischer was who she selected. Fischer had a reputation as a benign witch with frank qualities during her time as an international representative, and it was for this reason that Dorchester carefully plucked her for the position, believing that she would be the easiest to manipulate and control, to embellish a dark vision she had for Hogwarts. She tasked Seung Hightower with High Inquisitorial duties to watch over and ensure that Hannah was doing what was asked of her.

Fischer, however, was perceptive and later came to realise that the Ministry had placed her in the castle as a marionette. She fostered a friendship with her Deputy Headmaster, Oreyn Fox, who provided guidance and counsel, and also with Hightower who had deserted her hidden assignment, as she slowly began to overturn and stamp out the decisions being made by the board of governors, a commitee that was also headed by Dorchester. It was seldom without labour, as the Daily Prophet continuously ran smear-campaigns, undoubtedly swayed by Judy Dorchester, to try and besmirch her reputation. After many failed campaigns, a scandal besieged the castle when a student had attempted to murder another, attracting the attention of the Prophet once again, and triggering a Wizengamot trial, where Zimelda Zemeckis was introduced as Hightowers replacment, signalling their awareness of Hightowers treachery.

Dorchester, along with Zemeckis, had fabricated a series of lies in an attempt to try and frame various members of the faculty, including Fischer and Fox. With Zemeckis forcefully positioned as the Potions master, she had an eagle eye into everything happening at the school, and executed an array of shameful, unfair policies that saw the removal of one of the main threats to their goal, Arithmancy professor and ex-Auror, Draco Romanov. Having worked undercover for many months, Fischer and Hightower had come upon evidence regarding Zemeckis' true past as a Death Eater. During a disagreement in the middle courtyard, Fischer revealed it to watchful students, and Zemeckis struck her with a curse in retaliation, later fleeing the grounds, and, just like Hightower, abandoning her assignment.

Throughout her tenure, between 2020 and 2024, her fiery and opinionated leadership style came to its fullest fruition, and news of it had bled into the democratic elections that followed in her last year, and she was ushered in as the new Minister for Magic, without having even applied, vindicating every decision she made during her time as Headmistress.

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Early Life

She was born to parents Thomas and Clarissa Watts, in the east end of London. Her father was a Muggle electrician who soon owned his own business, under the name 'Watts Washing Machines'. How they met each other was rather unconventional; Clarissa, a witch, had attempted to apparate to a location in London when something went wrong, instead dropping her squarely atop the unsuspecting Thomas Watts. Clarissa found his reaction charming, and unlike what she would have expected from the common Muggles of London. He was deeply intrigued by what happened, and by her in general, though unfortunately his intrigue would not last long, as the Ministry soon after was forced to obliviate him, removing his memory of what had happened. 

Clarissa, then, was fined a large amount of Galleons by the Ministry for demonstrating magic in front of a Muggle, despite it being an accident. Over the next few months, the two continued to meet in strange circumstances, and eventually became friends. Thomas, who had fallen in love with Clarissa, eventually asked for her hand in marriage, and although it was frowned upon, and her witchhood still a grave secret, she said yes. In time, Clarissa gave birth to the crimson-haired Hannah, who, being a Half-Witch, showed signs of magic very early on. Knowing it would be impossible to try and explain, she revealed the truth to Thomas. Just as before, he was simply intrigued by the revelation, glad to know how his wife had fallen on his head those years before. They lead a content life in a modest semi-detached, two bed roomed house in one of the poorer districts of London.

Life at Hogwarts

Hannah Fischer was sorted into Gryffindor House upon arrival at Hogwarts.

Gryffindor Crest

naturally she became one of the schools leading ladies. She excelled in most of her classes (apart from Potions which she barely was able to pass) and had the idyllic student lifestyle. She was popular, loved and held command over her peers. In her fifth year, Hannah became a beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Hannah Fischer was an excellent student and a talented Witch, although sometimes i fear for that temper of hers. - Charms Professor

During her final year, Hannah was awarded the role of Head Girl. A role the fiery ginger took extreme pleasure in abusing. Though, she passed her N.E.W.TS and graduated from Hogwarts with full marks.

The Feud of Hannah Fischer and Seung Hightower

There was one person in the entire school that Hannah loathed more than anyone. She found her extremely irritating, a know it all and arrogant. This person was Seung Hightower. A Ravenclaw in the same year as her. Hannah made it very obvious of her dislike of Hightower and began a reign of terror against the poor Ravenclaw girl. She bullied her. Hannah even took to having her peers hold Seung down in the girls bathroom while she Diffindo’d her hair. Cutting most of it off. Things only got worse as Fischer became Head Girl and she stalked and stalked Hightower like prey. Using her role to punish and humiliate the girl with no tact.

That poor girl, I saw Hannah hexing her shoelaces as she simply walked down the corridor. The girl fell flat on her face and nearly broke her nose. Those gaggle of Gryffindors are nothing but trouble. - Ravenclaw Student

The Duel

Coming to the end of their final year. Hannah was placed in a duel against Seung, the Professor knew of the girls issues and hoped it would end their bitter rivalry but the exact opposite happened. Wands were drawn and the two fought against each other with a burning hatred, the duel, so intense that it would have killed the two if they had not been protected by the Professor. As it came to an end, it was Fischer who won. She held Seung's wand in her hand as a trophy and became amused over the fact that she’d taken the very thing Seung loved the most - her wand.

They both nearly killed each other. I don't know how they survived because the dueling area surely didn't! - Duelling Professor to the Matron

The two loathed each other until the very end. They graduated and thus ended Hannah's reign of terror against Seung Hightower.

Life after Hogwarts

Fischer left Hogwarts and immediately began training within the Ministry and overtime Hannah soon passed what she needed (with the help of her N.E.W.T grades) and became a fully fledged Obliviator for the Ministry. She was considered one of the best at the time and was often sent on risky and high profile cases. It's rumored she once obliviated The Queen however, this is false.

During her time at the Ministry, Hannah would soon meet her future husband - David Fischer. He was on the International Wizarding Committee within the Ministry of Magic. Slowly the girl matured out of her vindictive and troublesome past and into that of a demure and soft spoken women, some would call her a wall flower but those who knew her personally knew it would be a mistake to misjudge her.

As her relationship grew, she soon joined her husband and became part of the International Wizarding Committee and soon became a Representative for the international representation of the British Ministry of Magic. During one of their travelling opportunities, they married and later conceived their first born son - James Fischer.

Fischer became an official representative for the international representation of the British Ministry of Magic. She would charm those around her and protect the British Ministry's interests while abroad. It was brought into question if she used her old obliviate tricks into making foreign ministers 'forget' about certain decisions they were making that would affect the Ministry of Magics persuasion although this was only a rumor and never proven.

As of now, Hannah Fischer is joined by her husband, son, his wife and her newly born grandchild. Although rarely able to see her family due to her duties, Hannah returns home every Christmas and summer to be with them.

Headmistress of Hogwarts

After the fall of Eponina Hawthorne. The Ministry took control of Hogwarts. Soon, they started to look for replacements. Hannah had watched from afar the destruction that Eponina had inflicted upon the school in horror. The Ministry however had other plans and chose the most willing, the most loyal and someone who could be directed and controlled. This was unfortunately Hannah. She graciously accepted her new role having felt like she had the necessary diplomatic, organization and was considered an a powerful witch in her own right. Unfortunately, the Ministry saw to use Hannah as a puppet to instill their desires upon the school.

Here Hannah once again met her nemesis Seung Hightower who had unbeknownst to her, had been climbing the ranks of the Ministry herself. Hightower was to oversee Hannah's transition as Headmistress and effectively control and report back to the Ministry. For a while, Hannah instilled the Ministry's visions through the direct control of Hightower. Not the girl she once was, Fischer slowly crumbled under the meddling of Hightower and their feud was ignited.

From Puppet to Headmistress

Many months passed as Hightower meddled in the affairs of Hogwarts. Hannah would do nothing but listen and follow orders. However, in time. Fischer slowly began to see the Ministry's plan and what they intended to do and what they were doing with her and the school. She did not like it and realized she had been used to suppress and monitor Hogwarts, not protect it. Slowly Fischer began to fight back. She began undermining tactics against Hightower and began making small changes, gathering allies and conducting small affairs behind Hightowers back. Naturally Hightower was aware but did nothing.

Headmistress Fischer. Now fully aware of what was happening, hexed Hightower's mood. This effectively made Hightower see the world through rose colored glasses. She was nice, friendly and agreed to anything Fischer said. Here Hannah used this time to build and investigate without the intrusion of Hightower whom wasn't reporting back what she was doing to the Ministry. However, the hex broke. Leaving an infuriated Hightower. The two went at each others throats in Hannah's office for many hours, words were tossed but something happened. Fischer had convinced Hightower. She had convinced Seung, her one time nemesis that what the Ministry was doing was wrong, they were destroying the students ability to learn, they were controlling and manipulating them. Hightower finally agreed, she saw what they were doing and she had saw for a long time. Hightower was simply waiting for Hannah to realize too. Had Hightower been secretly grooming Fischer's rebellion all along?

''Seung do you not see what they are doing? They are ruining this school. They are controlling not only myself but the students futures. You have to see that is wrong. You HAVE to.''

''I do, Hannah.''

The two set off to the Ministry to fully take back control of Hogwarts. Hannah was successful and became full Headmistress of Hogwarts, appointing Oreyn B. Fox as Deputy Headmaster. Hightower returned to the Ministry and she remained in contact with Hannah.

Dark Wizard Antics and The Hex

Hannah successfully ran the school for the rest of the year but had recieved word from someone in the Ministry that something was happening. Quickly jumping into action, Fischer returned to the Ministry and sought the help of her contact and of course Seung Hightower. Upon returning, Fischer stopped their carriage in Hogsmeade to pick up some supplies. Among them, Hannah purchased some bonbons from Honeydukes. Both her and Hightower shared them on their trip back to the school but once they arrived all was not right.

The day of the arrival ceremony, Fischer was nowhere to be seen. However suddenly, Hannah arrived dressed in her old Gryffindor uniform and proceeded to sit at the Gryffindor table. Both Professor and Student alike pondered with confusion what exactly she was doing which was only made worse by Hightower returning in her old Ravenclaw uniform.

The two began to act like their former selves, Hightower appearing meek and quiet, attending lessons while Fischer under the guise that she was still Head Girl began her old rein of terror.

Fischer spent two months once again bullying Hightower, making the current Head Girls life hell. It was only when Fischer, still under the hex threatened to use magic on the Head Girl that Professors knew something was wrong. Fischer using her magic on a student could prove fatal and Professors jumped into action to find out what had happened to the Headmistress and Hightower.

The Duel Take Two

Hannah and Fischer under the hex were still acting like school girls until one morning, Hannah cornered Seung. She still had Seung's wand and taunted her with it until the two broke out into a duel. The severe power of their magic nearly destroying the forest and causing most parts of it to burn, the women nearly killing each other. Hightower won. The spell broke. At long last Seung had got her wand back and the effects of the spell wore off. That was the cure, to re-write history. The two women, dazed and confused and still in their uniform returned to the school. The next chapter had begun.

The Zemeckis Downfall

Fischer immediately allowed Hightower to become High Inquisitor and the two began an investigation into the recent happenings. Fischer returned to the Ministry and gathered evidence of the plots against the school. Upon her return Fischer found that they had placed Zimelda Zemeckis as the new High Inquisitor. Hightower refrained from opposing, knowing that wasn't the best thing to do while Fischer went and tried to warn those involved of the coming issues they and the school would face. Most rarely listened, some believing that Fischer was just paranoid.

Zemeckis continued to grow her roots into the school and slowly made things worse for Fischer but being the woman she was, Hannah fought back. After many months of bickering and underhanded tactics Fischer had enough. She openly accused Zemeckis of a mirade of crimes, Zemeckis shook, fired a deadly and long lasting curse at the Headmistress and retreated from the school. Fischer herself immediately disappearing for two weeks at St Mungos as she deterioriated.

The Ministry

Hannah Fischer has a long standing history with the Ministry passing over thirty years. She was once a loyal servant but upon becoming Headmistress her relationship with the Ministry has become laced with troubled schemes and underhand tactics. Fischer remained friends with Picklebottom even after his subsequent resignation but with the antics of Judy Dorchesters rein of terror upon the school and her meddling hands with Zimelda Zemeckis, Hannah has been forced to break away the school from Ministry control. They can still dictate their decrees but they cannot dictate her.

She remains compliant in what they ask but the Headmistress of Hogwarts will no longer tolerate bureaucracy at its worst.  



Fischer is described as being tall with porcelain skin. Her hair long, curled and coloured like the flames of a candle. She was always the quintessential Gryffindor. During her tenor as Headmistress.She can be often seen wearing light gowns with fancy hats or faux furs. She has been noted by Witch Weekly as one of the most stylish witches in recent years.

Since being cursed however, some have noted that Fischer has become less inclined to look perfect. Often glimpses of grey can be caught in her hair and her face having far more wrinkles than once was. She still tries but the weight of a deadly curse always lingers and the once aged beauty has started to crumble under the strain and stress.

Traits and Behaviors

Headmistress Fischer is often described at best as a mothering lion. She is kind, caring and playful to those who respect her. However she can be seen as cold, dismissive and ruthless to those who seek to fight her. Her temper has been long rumored and her bite as bad as her bark. However, behind the scenes she has shown a great care for students and faculty alike and more than often risking her life to see they are safe. Hannah Fischer has always had the best intentions, some have questioned them but all have saw them in action.

Although most children and professors do not see, Hannah Fischer has a wicked sense of humour and often finds comfort in the most trollish of acts. She has been described as the quintessential Gryffindor, proud, brave, fearless but wreckless. Truly a force to be reckoned with.

Magical Abilities and Skills


Fischer is able to cast even the most grueling of Charms with ease. Some even non-verbal. It's been rumoured she is able to cast wandlessly although this has never been proven.


Fischer is able to cast various Transfiguration Charms non-verbal. She is also a registered Animagus.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

She is mastered in DADA. Able to place protective and defensive enchantments on the entire school of Hogwarts and those around her.


Fischer is able to apparate with ease. She frequently apparates in and out of Hogwarts on emergencies. However, she prefers her carriage and to experience the areas around her.


High Inquisitor Seung Hightower.

It is known that these two have a troubled past. They are often bickering. However, as of late. The two have become friendly with one another and work well together in running the school.

Deputy Headmaster Oreyn B. Fox

Fischer respects and some say adores her DHM. She is often seen speaking highly of him and often aims to protect him. She entrusts him and him only with the running of Hogwarts when she is away from the castle.

Hogwarts Faculty.

Fischer is friendly to her staff. She is firm yet loving to those who keep the school running. However, as of late. She finds herself questioning those who she thinks support her and has taken to inspecting staff by suprise.

Vice Chancellor Zimelda Zemeckis

Fischer was a profound and outspoken deterrent to Zimelda's reform, and had a dangerous disdain for the woman all throughout her residence at the castle. Day to day interactions often consisted of subtle digs and mild accusations, but eventually pivoted into affray, where the dark witch cast a particularly malevolent curse in her direction. However when Zemeckis returned almost a year later to aid in the rebellion against Judy Dorchester, their relationship though problematic, began to soothe slightly. Zemeckis has publicly confessed her alliance to the Ministry and to Hannah Fischer since, although Hannah herself has never commented on this it can be assumed that she is still highly distrustful.

Behind the scenes

  • Headmistress Hannah J. Fischer is a character portrayed by miserabelle Resident in the virtual world Second Life® @ Mischief Managed, a devotional sim created by Anya Ohmai and voluntarily maintained by various creative Administrators and players. You can find out more information here:
  • The name Hannah usually means "Favor" or "Grace" and was derived upon the hebrew name Channah. As the character shows many poised qualities, and often in the face of adversity, the name correlates well.
  • The surname Fischer originates from Germany, where they had occupational names, in this case, for that of a fisherman.
  • The character was brought in after several years of unsuccessful Headmasters and Headmistresses, who through various plots and circumstances, did not last longer than a year. This may be a nod to the story patterns within the original books concerning the ever-changing DADA Professor. She is now the Minister for Magic.