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Used to repair objects.


This charm was invented by Orabella Nuttley, in or before 1754.


The Mending Charm, also known as the Repairing Charm (Reparo) is a charm that can be used to seamlessly repair a broken object; it works against most material.

Casting and Effects

The Mending Charm was effective at repairing most materials. However, damage caused by certain rare, powerful curses was impossible to undo.

The charm was suitable for use only on inanimate objects. Use on living beings was entirely proscribed. Serious scarring could result if it were cast on a person or animal in an attempt to heal wounds.

While a properly cast Mending Charm was generally enough to fix an object, it seems less experienced casters might not succeed in returning liquids to broken containers.

This charm does not seem to work on objects of powerful and complex magic, such as Vanishing Cabinets and wands. For snapped wands, although this charm can repair the physical form, the magical capacity would be damaged beyond repair, causing the wand in question to fall apart again upon attempted use; the sole exception goes to the Elder Wand, due to the strength.

Variations of use

  • There is a similar spell, Oculus Reparo, which is used to repair eyeglasses; its history and relation to this spell apart from the etymology and effects are unknown.


Latin reparo meaning "to renew" or "repair".

OOC Dice Information

The Mending Charm requires a player to be level 3 or higher.

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