"Persephone Vitrac, queen of the werewolves! Watch out this full moon!" -Amira Zidane

Persephone Astrid Hyland Vitrac is a "pureblood " witch and known werewolf, the only child of Psyche Winter Bennet-Hyland and Viktor Hyland. She was raised in England, despite her family being German.

Persephone always knew she was a witch, though there was debate which school she would attend. Finally, they settled on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She began attending Hogwarts in 2020 and was sorted into Slythern house where she is currently attending her fifth year.

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Family lineage

The family of Psyche Bennet is a well-respected pure-blood family in England with an odd tradition of naming their female children after Greek goddesses. They are considered high society, often hosting and attending galas with other pure-blood families and using these social events to network and even arrange marriages.

The Hyland family is a respected upper-class pure-blood family, well known within Germany. It's rumoured however that there is a muggle or two within the family tree, though Persephone's grandparents deny this up and down. The fact of the matter is, that this dark rumour is true. It is because of this that the family left Germany, retreating to England where this fact is unknown.

Viktor Hyland, the oldest of the Hyland siblings, was a Slytherin in his own time at Hogwarts, as was his wife, Psyche. It was there that they met, Viktor being the older of the two. Viktor is a stern man, keeping his emotions within, save for his anger. Psyche on the other hand is a very emotional woman, prone to fits of melancholy and near catatonic states. While Pysche is an only child, Viktor has two siblings including Gregory Edward Hyland, his younger Gryffindor brother and father of Persephone's cousins, Eric and Felicity Hyland.

Early life (2009-2020)

Persephone was born in 2009 to Viktor Hyland and Psyche Winter Bennet. The two were both very controlling, each in their own way. Viktor was constantly holding the young girl to high expectations, expecting her to be a shining example of mental and magical prowess. Psyche's interests were more based in social and societal expectations as she would drag Persephone along to her social engagements, ensuring the girl was on her best behaviour as well as tutoring the girl in what she considered to be proper hobbies such as ballet and singing lessons. This lead Persephone to feeling stifled as a child, always trying to live up to what her parents expected of her.

Persephone was always a rather whimsical child, often losing herself in books of poetry and Greek mythology—two things that became a passion for her. She was also rather taken with Quidditch, her favorite team being the Holyhead Harpies, mostly because of their all female status. Persephone doesn't speak much about her parents or what they do for a living, rarely even mentioning where she grew up at.

At the least, Persephone was able to stand up to the Hyland expectations with her first display of magic occurring early at the age of four. While throwing a young tantrum, Seph managed to cause small explosive fireworks to go off in her nursery.

Years later, after Persephone turned eleven, a letter arrived for her inviting her to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Viktor and Psyche spent a lot of time discussing whether she would attend there or go to Durmstrang, before a decision was made. Psyche won the argument, saying Hogwarts was an excellent school and attendance there was something to be proud of.

Hogwarts years (2020-2024)

First year

Upon coming of Hogwarts age, Persephone was still the pressured mess her parents had made her. This made it surprising when she found her first wand at Ollivanders, a 13 3/4 inch Dogwood with Dragon Heartstring core. Dogwood spoke of a mischievous and whimsical nature, something her parents had mostly pressured her not to be, but she was assured that wands didn't lie.

Seph spent most of the time on the Hogwarts Express worrying about which house she would be Sorted into. With both her parents being Slytherin, she couldn't imagine what would happen if she got put into Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat however, wasted no time placing her into Slytherin due to her cunning and ambition. Percy may not have seen these traits in herself but the hat certainly did.

Persephone's first year was the year Headmistress Fischer was appointed. She spent the year enthusiastically watching the Tri-wizard tournament. That is, until Headmistress Fischer seemed to vanish. After that, there was cursed objects, magic nullifying frogs, and a possessed Professor Digby. Most of this, Persephone stayed on the sidelines watching, being far too stressed and pressured to stay out of trouble. Come the end of the year, she'd completely broken down, having a panic attack and ultimately deciding she couldn't stand up to her father's expectations and still be herself.

Second year

Persephone's second year was by far more eventful. This was the year of the Hag and Zimelda Zemeckis. She watched as things escalated, students being attacked, people going missing within Hogsmeade. Where other students became more paranoid and distrusting, Persephone began to bloom this year, seeking out trouble wherever she could. With Zemeckis taking over potions, she became more and more interested in the subject, even with the woman teaching far more advanced potions than she could successfully make.

This was also the year Seph became addicted to the Wideye Potion, substituting sleep with the potion. Taking advantage of the wide awake state to explore the castle and learn the secret passageways and rooms.

The year ended with Persephone spending her Summer in Brighton Bay with her cousin Eric who would be starting his first year upon the end of summer. The Summer was rather eventful with dragons and ministry face downs, but ultimately the two ended without much trouble.

Third Year

Persephone's third year started off as usual, with the girl making friends easily and attending classes enthusiastically. She also tended to receive quite a bit of Howlers due to the trouble she got into. Headmistress Fischer's decline in health at the hands of Zemeckis's Rescendio Vitae curse, cast during their confrontation during the previous year, made the year once again start with quite a bit of rumours.

Persephone was still somewhat oblivious to the goings on around the school, including the formation of L.B.H.S., SERPEN, and the Ouroboros. That is, until the rumours started going around. She made quick friends with third year John Penn and first year Varius Corvus, often springing to the firstie's defense. It was also through John that Persephone met Gwenaderin Ferox. Though the two of them had a few rocky first meetings, Persephone found herself crushing on the feisty Ravenclaw and thus joining her secret study group to see her more often.

During the third year, Persephone got into quite a lot of altercations, ranging from quick duels and violent physical fights, one of which leaving her bald after the fight. There were also rumours she was involved with putting Blair ShadowFang in the hospital wing with bad burns. She took a quick liking to Upton Zero, someone she'd consider one of her best friends though he didn't talk to her much, and made a long list of enemies.

Persephone took Gwen on her first date and school dance at February's Hearty Party. The two developed a somewhat rocky relationship over the invitation, a poem Persephone had written. This relationship quickly became something Persephone valued dearly. The event was interrupted by Judy Dorchester and her team of Ministry cronies, who promptly took control of Hogwarts.

This made the study group, which Gwen named LUNA, all the more important. An acronym for "Luminaries United for Necessary Action," LUNA functions using a system of secret numerical codes for arranging meetings.

Persephone also landed a spot on the Slytherin Quidditch team as a beater for the team.

After realizing the Owl Post couldn't be relied on for getting out news without endangering those running the post, Persephone took it upon herself to look into Wizard Radio Broadcasting. As if she was being watched, a few days later all the equipment she needed appeared on her bed with a note saying: Unite. Be Patient. Spread the word.

Before long, Dark Moon Radio took off, broadcasting in every common room on radios stolen from the music teacher. And as quickly as they started, they stopped. For a week or so at least. That was the week Persephone lost track of time and found herself on the grounds near the forest on the night of the Full Moon. The attack was brutal, leaving many details missing from Seph's mind, only her affliction, her broken wand, and the fresh pink scars that riddled her body as reminders. She spent a week in the hospital wing where silver and dittany was applied and her condition was explained to her. Her parents were notified and without hesitation they were quick to strike her from the family tree. Persephone knows nothing about the wolf who attacked her, about who was there to save her, or about anything else.

That said, Persephone's view of Professor Green has changed forever as the woman was kind and comforting when it came to Persephone explaining her affliction and asking questions about wolfsbane.

A week before Persephone's first full moon, werewolf hunters arrived on Hogwarts grounds at the behest of Dorchester. With the help of her friends and Professors Green and Wibault, she was able to stay out of sight. That didn't mean the trouble was over though. During this time Gwen Ferox began to hermit in the Ravenclaw tower, ignoring all the letters and even howlers Persephone sent out. John Penn and Varius Corvus were both pulled from school and Persephone began to feel more alone than ever. Luckily for the girl she still had Upton Zero and her cousin Eric by her side.

Throughout the year, students began to go missing and delicious Hogwarts meals were replaced with flavourless gruel. Calls were made for obedience and reformation by the goons, leaving a bitter taste in Persephone's mouth. All the more strange was the goon who had taken over Transfiguration, a strange man by the name of Ironfist, with a penchant for fire. While other students put two and two together that Ironfist and the Shade were missing the same hand, this detail was lost on the conspiracy obsessed Persephone who was determined that Dorchester was the true evil master mind.

By the time June came around, Dorchester announced that both Headmistress Fischer and Deputy Headmaster Fox were dead during an assembly and that she would be taking over Hogwarts' leadership position indefinitely. Nonetheless, during her speech Headmistress Fischer appeared from seemingly nowhere and a duel ensued. Once Dorchester was defeated, it was noticed that Ironfist was missing. Soon after, Inferi began to appear everywhere.

During this great spectacle, Persephone retreated to one of LUNA's many hidden locations, her personal favourite, a secret room she used to record DMR broadcasts. While she had been on board with outing the conspiracy, the actual fighting had left the girl frightened.

After the inferi were defeated, however, the remaining school year was completed in peace.

Fourth Year

During her Fourth year Persephone had become quite different. Even with Fischer and Fox having returned, the girl had become mistrustful and paranoid. Though she spent half the summer with Zero, she seemed to have drifted from him some, though it may have been because of his absence from school during the first few weeks. Briefly, she got close with fifth year Slytherin,Tristan Geovauden, the two became fast friends, though they argued just as much as they got along. Their friendship ended with quite a bit of drama though after a while they were able to reconcile.

Most of Persephone's Fourth Year was full of the usual school drama, the year utterly devoid of any nefarious plots to over take the school. Early on she made friends with known troublemaker, Adam Fletcher. Throughout the year Fletcher became progressively more troublesome, though Persephone stood by his side throughout it all, even after he made their friendship significantly more complicated. Through many awkward snogs and broken noses, Fletcher became one of Persephone's very best friends.

Throughout the year, Percy went through many relationships, the longest and most prominent one being her relation with Ignatious Leander Ashworth, the sixth year Slytherin. Their relationship was a tangled mess due to his many siblings' interference and his overbearing mother's disapproval, but it was one that Percy truly valued, remaining very close friends with the boy even after their break up. Perhaps due to the lingering feelings.

However, it was through this relationship that her involvement with Aryiana Novelli began. Aryiana Novelli began as something of a loose friend, a girl who had several things in common with Persephone. One of those things being their dating of Ashworths, another being the girls' status as a werewolf. More often than not Aryiana would try to assert dominance over Persephone, something the already short tempered girl would not stand for. At the convincing of the two eldest Ashworth boys Persephone severed her ties with Novelli, but not before being introduced to Sylvain Finley-Vitrac who would later become a close friend of Persephone before his family adopted her into their own during Winter Break.

So, Persephone returned to Hogwarts, now sporting the last name 'Vitrac'. It wasn't long before Gwenaderin Ferox once more showed her face, having heard of Persephone's relationships throughout the year via Percy's briefest fling, Sahian Drago. The two girls entered a bitter rivalry over the affections of Gwen that lasted for the rest of the school year.

Luckily, Percy had one of her newfound friends, the veela Saffron Foxclaw to see her through the hard time. Saffron had become a close friend through Fletcher, often offering the younger Slytherin advice and a listening ear. Percy came to look up to the girl, even if she thought her tastes in men was SEVERELY lacking.

Most of that year remained uneventful, save for the delivery of a single stone with Ouroboros' symbol to Gwen. This actually solidified their friendship once more as Persephone did whatever it took to ensure the girl she cared about was safe. Ultimately, however, nothing appeared to come of it.

Persephone was also in the school performance of Babbity Rabbity where she played the Captain of the Guard.


Over the Summer, Persephone moved out of the main house in Vitrac Village, taking up a small cottage on her own. Her summer was primarily happy, spent with her now adopted brother, Sylvain, her cousin, Leandre, and many visits to her Hufflepuff friend, Jack Darzi. This spurred a small crush on the boy from her, though it was not until after school started that she announced her feelings. Jack accompanied her to America on holiday with her family, Eric and Felicity's parents. Each child was allowed to bring one friend so Percy chose Jack. Afterwords, she spent some time at Upton Zero's home, visiting with his parents whom had taken her in the summer before as well. For a brief period of time, Persephone's close friend Marzia Sterling spent some time in Vitrac Village with her.

It was over the Summer that Persephone made up her mind, inspired by Sylvain and Gwen to focus on her school work and her future. Just because she was a werewolf, did not mean that she didn't have one ahead of her. She received the news of being appointed the position of Prefect for house Slytherin and that strengthened her resolve. She also discovered a new love of Herbology and took to it, deciding that with her future she would become a mediwitch and try to help others cursed like she was.

Additional events Persephone attended: Hiking with Saffron, Beach with Saffron, the Ashworth Summer Gala, and Movie Night at Upton's.

Fifth Year

Physical appearance

"Those wouldn't happen to be... /Silver/ scars, would they? Not many reasons scars would twinkle like that..."
— Adalfink Fisher

Persephone has hit a growth spurt, due to her advanced aging. She now stands around 5'9. Her physical fitness has improved with the playing of Quidditch, arms becoming more muscular and defined as her position depends primarily upon bashing heavy iron balls with bats. Her naturally blonde hair is now coloured black with silver strands shining through. Her face is square with pouty lips and she has a small gap in her front teeth. Her skin is particularly pale, emphasizing the dark circles under her brown eyes from lack of sleep.

After her werewolf attack, Persephone now sports fresh looking pale scars across her face and hidden beneath her clothes. They glimmer with a hint of silver.

Personality and traits

"You're a monster. The way you threaten people - I thought you were my friend. But you're just a big, hairy, ugly monster wearing a skin that you don't belong in. I'd rather deal with a werewolf than you any day. At least I never thought they were a good person."
—Amira Zidane

Persephone's personality has under gone quite a few changes as she struggles to figure out who she is. At the start of her third year she had been exactly as her wand predicted, mischievous and whimsical, though after meeting Gwen she has changed quiet a bit. One thing has remained true of the girl though, she is loyal to a fault, willing to do whatever it takes to care for her friends.

Many would say Persephone is fearless, but this isn't the case. She fears letting down those closest to her, and seeing them get hurt. Moreso as they are few and far between. This means, she'll often do impulsive and dangerous things to protect these people, often putting herself in harm's way. She also fears rejection, be it of an invitation to a date, or someone not liking her poetry. Because of this, she'll often exhibit hesitance to put herself out there.

Persephone exhibits high intelligence when she puts her mind to it, though it is rare that she puts intellect before action. If she is afraid and unable to take action, however, she will obsess over gathering every tidbit of knowledge she can, trying to be as best prepared as possible

Seph also exhibits a quick temper, and is prone to violence. Without someone to keep her in line, Seph will readily lunge at anyone who insults herself, her family, or her friends. She is known to have an explosive temper, once describing her anger as 'blinding rage, hot as fire.' While her younger friend Varius insists to see the good in her, Persephone no longer sees herself as a good person.

Unlike her parents, Persephone feels no elitism about blood status, in fact, she thoroughly despises anyone who exhibits an elitist mindset, including her cousin Eric Hyland, though that was simply a case of ignorance and misunderstanding. As such, you will never hear Persephone question someone's blood status.

Magical abilities and skills


1st Wand [broken now]

Persephone struggles with her wand, believing it chose her wrong. She obtained it from Ollivanders in Diagon Alley. It is 13 3/4 Dogwood with Dragon Heartstring Core, springy. This dictates she should be mischievous and whimsical which she simply, no longer is.

2nd Wand

Persephone's second wand suits her much better. Blackthorn with Phoenix Feather Core, it's length at 14 3/4 inches and slightly rigid.


Persephone has two-headed Sphynx kittens by the names of Nyx and Erobos. She loves them dearly, insisting that it not be forgotten that they are two separate entities. They are both lazy, proud, and irritable, traits gained through her insistent spoiling of the two.



Persephone isn't particularly close with her family, avoiding contact with most of them throughout the school year. Where she was once close to her cousin, Eric Hyland, Persephone and him have fallen out due to political differences. Her adopted family, the Vitracs however have made up for all of the hostility with the Hylands.

Varius Corvus

Persephone has taken a special liking to the first year, often jumping up to his defense much to the first year's annoyance. He was one of her first close friends, regardless of their age difference, and she'll often do whatever he asks in the name of friendship. Varius seems to be one of the most adamant believers in Persephone's good nature.

/pulled from school/

John Penn

John was Persephone's very best friend earlier in the year, having been the one introducing her to Gwen and encouraging her to ask the Ravenclaw out. Though their friendship was a little difficult due to John's awkwardness around girls, they ended up being very close. While Persephone would do almost anything for John, the two have sort of drifted apart due to John's recent introverted habits.

/pulled from school/

Gwen Ferox

Gwen Ferox is... Persephone's very best friend and first girlfriend. Where Persephone is rage and violence and impulsive actions, Gwen is intellect and subterfuge. This makes the two complete opposites, though complimentary to one another. Persephone would do anything for Gwen, her affections for the girl rather strong, and she is determined that the Ravenclaw always knows she is not alone. Their relationship at times is rocky, but ultimately, Persephone considers her to be her royal hell counterpart.


Aryiana Novelli

While Persephone has a long list of enemies, Aryiana Novelli seems to be a primary. After hearing the girl snarkily attempt to implicate Gwen in an altercation, Persephone tongue-tied her, earning the ire of the blond Ravenclaw. During Persephone's third year, the two decided to put their dislike for one another aside in favor of school unity against the Ministry take over. Since then, however there have been a host of troubles centering around the two girls' identities as werewolves.


  • "Persephone Hyland seems to be going for a record. How many bones can the beater break on the Quidditch Pitch?"
  • "She got involved in an old fashioned duel right in the middle of the Great Hall! With professors and prefects present. Adder Kargrin was seen with massive horns and she came out bald!"
  • "Persephone Hyland tongue-tied Aryiana Novelli right in front of Professor Green."
  • "She’s made enemies of Grey and Blair Shadowfang as well."
  • "She may have something to do with Blair Shadowfang spending the night in the Hospital Wing covered in burns."
  • "Her and Ferox? Really?"
  • "What happened to her and Ferox?"
  • "Where'd she get all those scars?"
  • "You see her hanging about with Fletcher lately?"

Behind the scenes

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