Shield Charm




Hand Movement

Quick, Parry-like Movement


Bright, transparent blue


Magically blocks spells & physical entities

The Shield Charm (Protegeo) is a charm that creates a quick, flash of a magical barrier to deflect physical entities and spells, in order to protect a certain person or area.

Casting and Effects

When cast, a bright blue transparent shield appears where the casters wand is pointed providing a protective barrier between themselves and their attacker. The only spell the Shield Charm can't defend against is the Killing Curse, since it's unblockable.

The incantation for the simplest Shield Charm spell is Protego.

Variations of use

  • To block an incoming spell or physical entity
  • Can be used as a quick barrier to stop someone. (Note: This does NOT mean it traps them. It simply makes a flash of a barrier.
  • In some cases, spells can rebound back at the caster or ricochet off the shield.


In Latin, protego means, "I cover" or "I protect".

OOC Dice Information

The Shield Charm requires a player to be level 25 or higher and a dice roll of 9 or higher in order to be considered a successful cast.

This spell is governed by the "Spells" Skill and uses it's dice. It is noted that an attack roll cast at a Shield Charm that is higher than the roll of the shield would break the shield. For example, Player 1 cast a Hex at Player 2 and rolls a 15 and Player 2 rolls a 10 to block with the Shield Charm. This would consider the shield broken.

This is done to portray the sense that the Shield Charm isn't a go to all defence against all magic.

Behind The Scenes

Mischief Managed tries to stay and lean as close to the Harry Potter books as close as we can. In the books the Shield Charm was a lot more difficult and not as powerful as it was portrayed in the movies. We've done out best to try and mimic how the books had it with the dice system that was added in the Role Play. That being said, it is quite possible that that this spell wasn't even taught until the 7th year, as it is stated that many adult wizards and witches were unable to even perform this spell. Honestly with that in mind, we SHOULD have set this spells required level much higher, 34 or 35 perhaps, but we felt that assignign it the level of 25 would be fine since many in Harry Potter's DA was able to learn it. It was debated that the spell might of even been taught in the 5th year as part of the O.W.L requirement and Umbridge simply removed it.

Further, by having the higher attack roll beat out a lower shield roll is made in accordance to keep balance within the role-play in the event that duels take place. This also applies th eother way around. A Higher dice roll for a Shield Charm that is equal to or higher than the attack roll would effectively block.