Stirring Charm

Mobillarbus Circumage (mo-BIH-lar-BUS-sir-CUM-age)



Hand Movement

A full circle, then a rewind




Allows potions, drinks, stew's and other liquids to stir themselves with a ladle or any other object of similarity.

The Stirring Charm, (Mobillarbus Circumage) is a charm that allows Potions, drinks, stew's and other liquids to stir themselves with a ladle or any other object of similarity. It is only a rudimentary spell however and cannot stir large areas filled with fluid such as, but not limited to, a pool, a lake, an ocean. It has been known to work in cave dwellings, fountain's and ponds.

Casting and Effects

When cast, the spell is normally invisible, with no describable physical effects.

The wand movement is a full circle, then a complete rewind. Whatever direction your rewind, will be the causality for the direction of the stirring.

It is preferred when brewing potions that are not particularly detailed in method but not recommended when brewing more complex potions.

The incantation can be performed wandless if the Potioneer or Spellcaster is advanced enough, and once mastered will usually become an essential to their everyday life. ((OOC: At MM, wandless magic is not allowed for students, so one must bare this in mind when casting.))

Variations of use

  • Stirring/Mixing potions
  • Stirring liquids
  • Stirring ingredients


The Latin term Mobillis, meaning "Movable" was taken and added to arbus, an edified variation of ago, in Latin "To do, make." Thus the concluding word Mobillarbus. Circumage was derived upon the Latin word Circumago, meaning "I turn around" or "I turn in a circle". Thus the concluding charm, Mobillarbus Circumage.

This charm was originally coined by ishwaristing Resident as part of the Healers Club in 2021 for Madam Sting. However since the introduction to the dice roll, has now been added as a fifth year official spell. The natural creator of the spell, however, was not Madam Sting (ICly) and is subject to interpretation.

OOC Dice Information

The Stirring Charm requires a player to be level 22 or higher and a dice roll of 9 or higher in order to be considered a successful cast.