Non est magicae quod nos utor in umbris
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Shadow Organisation

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Humans, Possibly some beasts

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"...It is believed that a new order is forming, In the quake of the dark lords demise"

- Excerpt from The Daily Prophet by Sidgeon Quilt, August 10th 2022

The Umbra (founded at an unknown date) are rumored to be a hidden, but extremely wealthy, group of witches and wizards bent on the acquisition of power. It is thought that this underground society shared similar ambitions to that of the New World Order, and that they have been around for a long time.

When convicted and sentenced to Azkaban, Judy Dorchester was the sole revealer of the organisation, stating that she was one of them. However, if anything else was revealed, it was either forgotten or deliberately hidden from public knowledge. 

Zimelda Zemeckis was speculated to have been a member of the Umbra, till the courts ruled that she was in fact not a participant in the organisation, despite her decades-long work alongside Dorchester.

Behind the scenes

  • The Umbra was devised by the Roleplay Department at Mischief Managed for the storyline of 2015/2016 realtime. They were first mentioned by Zimelda Zemeckis in the finale of 2016 as 'Them', and later given a name by the Daily Prophet.
  • Umbra is a derivative of Umbrae which is latin for shadow, making them the Shadow, or, the Shadow Organisation, respectively.
  • Although it is expected that characters would connect dots and assume that they are in some way related to the Death Eaters, the truth is that they are in fact not related at all.