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Upton Ludwig Zero
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Also known as
  • Z
  • Lord Puke
  • Big Ruddy Pervert
  • Gryffindor Beater
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6ft, 2in

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One Blue. One Grey

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11 1/2" Alderwood, Dragon Heartstring





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Upton Ludwig Zero (b. 2007) is a Gryffindor student in his Sixth Year of education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was born amongst a litter of outlandish, overzealous brothers and thus spent many of his years not speaking to anyone, till Hogwarts when his personality began to unfurl. He is best known for his quirky appearances and sense of humour.

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Early Life

Upton was born in Manchester in a cave of wonders to a hufflepuss mom who can't seem to say no to her kids. He didn't speak to anyone for 5 years and only communed with the dodos.  Sometimes when he was lonely he'd seek out one of his 23487 brothers whom would offer choice life lessons like: "Are mosquitos familiars to vampires? Think on it little bro." and "If a girl says she likes you, consider yourself to be lucky because you only spoke to dodos for 5 years so your conversational skills kinda off."

Education at Hogwarts

Physical Appearance

Personality and Traits

Sorta laid back. Not in that poser-y kind of way where everything is all disheveled pretension or anything, it's the real deal kind of laid back. He might even be asleep, or comatose, or just like...communing with the zen forces of nature and isn't taking your call right then. He likes conscious stuff too though, food and girls and running like a little weirdo. Upton will sometimes run for no reason other than he's like a cat and suddenly has to zoom to a place and then once he's there, make sure it's all good and then come back. It keeps his quads in good shape too.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Owl Whisperer:

Having the ability to control Owls at his will, Upton Zero has the skill to teach owls the way of the Shuffling. They dance to his command and now many many owls will be going home with familys, shaking their tail feather near constantly, thanks to his wondrous skills.






Addison Blackwell

Addison thinks very highly of Zero, and believes he'll go very far in life if he applies himself. She loves that he seems driven to protect his friends and his home, and it warms her heart to see him so happy and light hearted in the face of the oppression that's blanketed Hogwarts. She tried to address a certain problem he has in class, but this led to a small bit of tension between the two. Still, she hopes that someday he will accept her help.

Zero had the best OWL grade in her class in his year, and was one of the few that qualified for her advanced class. In the few lessons that they had in his sixth year, he proved himself to be far more suited for her line of work than she expected. She's sure he could do very well in the field of Magical Archaeology, should that ever be something he were interested in, and has expressed (though not directly to him) that she would highly recommend him to any of her superiors.


Briony Rookswood

Currently , Upton is briony's total beau. To her, he is Lord Puke, while she is Derpina the Ice Princess. Though they've had a few fallings outs and small fights, they still seem to come back together in the end. Briony seems to act most like herself around him and though from the outside, they seem like an odd pairing, it's almost impossible for those that know them to see the two separated from each other. Sometimes, one can see Briony trying to hock loogies with him or have bug eating contests, her form of trying to keep up with him.

Cassandra R. Middles

The best person he's ever met, that isn't Briony Rookswood. Normally the go to girl for goofing off, starting food fights, and seen as his best friend, oh and now girlfriend. She's dating him and Bri.. She is a total hypocrite and will yell at Upton if he ever tries to help her, but constantly jumps in front of trains for him, the oaf she is. Whenever one of them was hurt or upset, the other was there to help, or even just to hold hands when needing a friend. Probably seen together 60% of the time.

Dottinous Foul

Upton's blood cousin. Her grandmother, Imblem-Jonete Foul, was the sister to Upton's grandfather. Despite Upton's family being based in the north of England, and the Foul's in the south, the two families came together during special occasions, such as funerals, death-days, and some birthdays. Dot and Upton had fostered a close appreciation for one another, mutually intrigued by the absurd, grotesque or unusual. Despite their relation, however, they share no defining physical attributes, bar one: striking blue eyes. Upton, over the years, has watched over his cousin at Hogwarts, and she, in return, has always welcomed him into her world, particularly the one concerning her collection of spiders.

Mariette LaFleur

Upton never really took much notice of Mariette until their fourth year together. It was during charms class that he felt it a brilliant idea to levitate her skirt up. It is no real secret that Upton Zero is the world's biggest pervert and deserves all the world's punishments for being a naughty toad. It was then that Mariette swore revenge on him for her embarrassment. For the next several weeks, Upton Zero would realize Mariette's superiority over him and often grovel and beg for her forgiveness. Foolish of him yes, but like many little rotten perverts, they tend to be big ruddy fools too. At any rate, late one evenings just before bedtime, Upton found himself carelessly perched in the Middle Courtyard of Hogwarts. Unbeknownst to him, Mariette lurked nearby. From the shadows the feisty, misunderstood, and beautiful Mariette fired off a well aimed Bat-Bogey Hex, which clapped Upton Zero right across him yapper. Having sneezed and coughed out swarms of bogy bats, that seemingly turned themselves to attack him, Upton came to realize Mariette's genius and grew to have more respect for her over anyone and everyone else. To this day Upton Zero is seen singing praise of the young genius Mariette LaFleur. Also Upton Zero thinks Mariette is the best Seeker ever and that the Slytherin Beater than whacked a bludger to her face is the worst sort of scum ever.

Mariette continues to be an ever-growing inspiration to Upton. Other Gryffindor's speak of the life-sized replica cardboard cut-out he keep of Mariette next to his bed. A symbolic reminder that she is a better surfer than him.

Sila Warrington

Basically Zero's adoptive little sister. Their first meeting was an unexpected one- up in the hospital wing, both of them checking up on the little firstie lion named Star who had supposedly been attacked by the Hag. Despite reputation Zero was actually quite nice to the two of them, leaving a good first impression on the badger.  When he found her later that week crying in the kitchens late one night, he diverted her attention to her tarot cards and cheered her up with some good advice, light hearted jokes and some goofing around.

From then on, the little badger ended up following him around. On sleepless nights they'd often be found in the Clocktower playing Jolly Panic, or in the kitchens for a late night snack with the excuse of being nearby her common room entrance. Not only did he become a big brother to her, but he also started to help tutor her too. He learnt the hard way not to underestimate the power the second year's Flipendo can carry as she knocked him off his feet- and into the cement wall of the Clocktower once, too.

Freyja Godfrey

Freyja didn't really know Upton until the recently. She'd seen him around but she'd never really bothered with him, usually she was off doing her own adventures. It wasn't until Frey had invaded Zero's secret office that they began speaking and conversation soon turned to her plan to heal a Centaur. The two schemed secretly and went on their adventure, risking their life within the Herbology Greenhouses with a life or death game of 'which plant is it' and again risking death when Hightower caught them in the forest. She occasionally calls upon him to help her on further adventures, they're the team rocket of Hogwarts. One day they'll blast off but for now, they're stuck being two idiots going on silly little schemes of weirdness. Oh and she let him borrow her Dragon book which she still doesn't have back. She's partly miffed about that but not enough to mention it.

Esmee M. Squeegee

He was her first kiss (if you want to call an experiment a kiss) and seems to be her moral compass of late. She's not sure if that's a wise idea or just a matter of convenience. So far he's not gotten her into any trouble but has seemed to saved her skin from time to time. She doesn't say it aloud or give any indication of this but she does admire him in some regard.

Rae Katana

Rae and Zero met quickly at the beginning of their fourth year at Hogwarts. At first, Rae thought he was just another boy, but as she got to know him and his easy-going ways she fell for him. In a bold move spurred by her best friend, Esmee (see above), she gave him her first kiss and confessed her feelings. They had some fun together for a couple of weeks, playing quidditch and just generally goofing around, until he fell for Briony Rookswood. They were never exclusive, and were quite clear about this fact, so their short fling ended on good terms when he started pursuing Bri more heavily. Rae will always have feelings towards Zero, being her first kiss and first love interest, but now they consider each other good friends. They have come to each other's aid on various occasions, including in an attempt to find their mutual friend, Bri, when they thought she was kidnapped by the Hag.

Essa Nazari

Zero has taken on a brother role for Essa. He is the chief resident of the school of hard knocks for the second year. He encourages her to have confidence in not only herself but also her magical abilities. He is also her tutor for spell casting and transfiguration. Although his methods are unorthodox, they seem to work for his pupils. He lovingly thwaps Essa on the back of the head every chance he gets and fully expects a thwap in return, just not always right away. Their friendship was cemented over him stealing a cube of cheese from Essa and her quick retaliation of stabbing the offending hand with her fork.

Persephone Hyland

Persephone and Zero have an odd friendship, founded in awkward uhh's and shoving games. Having met when Persephone took it upon herself to force conversation on him, the two seem to have developed a strange non-romantic relationship. Plotting distractions, defending younger years, and sharing poetry the two can be spotted in a conversation [mostly with her talking] at least once a day. They also share a certain dislike for the month of February and compliments.

Karam Ali

Karam is housemate and official bro of Upton.  The two of them happen to sleep across the dorm room from each other.  When they're not having snore wars, well, they're usually joking around.  It is, with regret, not clear which one of these past times is the most joyous for the two of them. It's probably also a fact that they've hardly had any conversations that remained serious for far too long.  In previous times of desperation, it can be noted that Zero has stepped up for his bro and accepted roles that would typically bring one great humiliation.  This too can be assumed with names.  Nevertheless, one may look forward to the duo combining forces and bringing laughs, and also sweet misery, to the castle until the two of them graduate or are thrown from the castle. 

Behind the scenes

  • Upton Zero is a character portrayed by 0ed Resident in the virtual world Second Life® @ Mischief Managed, a devotional sim created by Anya Ohmai and voluntarily maintained by various creative Administrators and players. You can find out more information here:
  • The name Upton is Anglo-Saxon in origin, and stands for "From the high town", and this relates well to the characters backstory, as he is said to hail from Manchester, a northern part of England known for its big city.
  • The surname Zero does actually exist outside of fictional stories, and according to sources is Arabic in origin, with its meaning being literally "Empty." Although the creator expressed that they chose the name because the number was in front of them. 
  • As an interesting fact, the character was originally designed to look slightly more quirky and grotesque, but due to restrictions with character appearance, had to be amended. Thus you see the current variation of the character with blonde hair, and other features.